Functional Medicine

What is Functional Medicine?

The principles of Functional Medicine are to use a science based approach, to determine how and why illness occurs and restore health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.  Functional medicine is NOT about going to the doctor and taking a prescription to treat a symptom.   If you have experienced chronic symptoms without finding long term relief, functional medicine may help direct you to a long term path of wellness. 

Why would I consider Functional Medicine to help me achieve my wellness goals?

Functional Medicine allows you to attack the root cause of a problem rather than masking symptoms.  Addressing the root causes not only helps relieve symptoms, it also improves energy, motivation, sleep, mood, and even libido.

It’s very common for people who see a functional medicine practitioner for a single complaint to experience a boost in their overall well-being as functional medicine addresses root causes that can create multiple symptoms.  People often don’t realize they have been feeling worse and worse throughout the years, they simply adapt.

How does Functional Medicine identify the root causes of health disorders?

If the engine light in your car comes on, what do you? You assume something is wrong with the engine and get it checked out and repaired. You do not, however, cover up the engine light with duct tape or rip it out of the dash. This may turn it off but it does nothing to address why it came on.

This is how functional medicine works. We don’t automatically reach for a drug or surgery for your symptoms (although sometimes one or both are necessary). Instead, we look for what is causing the symptoms.

The cause can be different for each person, even though the symptom is the same.

For instance, 10 different people with depression can each have a different cause, such as gluten intolerance, a chronic infection, or a blood sugar imbalance. None of these are an SSRI deficiency.  

What steps can I take to learn how Functional Medicine can work for me personally?

The first thing you can do is identify the level of wellness you would like to achieve.  This will give you clarity on what creates obstacles to your wellness goals.   

Next, call our office (704) 799-1999 and schedule some time for a consultation with Dr. Curtis Uhrich.  He can review what you would like to achieve and help identify a path to improved health and vitality.